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One for Women clinic - WA

Purple Polka Dots's Photo Purple Polka Dots 13 Jun 2019

Does anyone have any experience with the One for Women clinic in WA?

I am considering TTC soon - and trying to decide on my model of care.

I went public last time, I saw a different midwife/Dr at every hospital appointment, but didn't mind that as I was also seeing my GP OB who was just amazing. Because of him, I felt like I had a continuity of care.

I had a hard pregnancy - HG all the way through to after the birth, and a traumatic birth ending in an emergency c-section. Because of my labour and emergency section, I am leaning towards another section next time.

This will mean more than just the standard 24 hours in hospital. I am leaning towards private so that my husband can stay and I can have the same Dr the whole way through.

I've come across 'One for Women' which has a very low management fee - it is just under $1000 out of pocket, plus my private health excess which seems very reasonable.

They delivery at Mt Lawley hospital. Last pregnancy I was at king Edward, which did make me feel safe, as I knew thats  where I would end up if anything went wrong.

Just looking for any experiences - part of me is leaning towards private and the other part is a bit gobsmacked at the cost (although low for private!) because I didn't pay a thing last time.

I'm wondering if I would feel more 'cared' for? More time to discuss birth options? I don't feel like I had that with any of the hospital staff last time.