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How is the Box Hill Midwifery Program

Lily2010's Photo Lily2010 12 Jun 2019

Hi,  I had my first child 2 years ago at Mitcham Private. I am after a natural, no/low intervention birth. My first birth did not go as I hoped- I didn't have good obstetrician or midwife support during labour. My experience with my ob postnatally regarding my recovery was also quite traumatic too.  
I am looking at possibly joining a know your midwife/midwife led care this time in the hope that I can have a natural, supported birth with no unnecessary interventions and in an environment that I can feel safe in.
Has anyone got any feedback on Box Hill Midwife program? I am potentially wanting a water birth so am considering this hospital for my second birth. I would like to hear about experiences good or bad. PM's welcome. Thanks :)

Steggles66's Photo Steggles66 12 Jun 2019

Hi Lily,
I can’t comment on the know your midwife program personally as I didn’t go through that program but I have had two babies born at box hill and have been very happy with the service and care. I did have two planned c-sections so can’t comment either on the birth process (but they were very supportive/keen for a natural birth it just wasn’t to be through absolutely no fault of the staff). I had a shared room first time but a private room with my second. The food was pretty avareage but really for the amount you’re saving compared to private you can get people to bring in your favourite foods. You also probably won’t stay in the hospital as long but that can be a bit of a blessing especially if you have another child at home. The midwifes will visit you at home though. I also got really good breastfeeding support at the hospital but if needed would consider hiring a private lactation consultant if needed.

Kattikat's Photo Kattikat 12 Jun 2019

Same here: I have had both my babies at Box Hill but didn't do the midwife program. First time round I went to 42 weeks so they induced me (they let me go right until then though, no pressure to be induced), prior to this checking me over every few days from 40 weeks. It ended in an emergency Caesar but they let me labour for ages and we're really supportive. For my second bub they were happy to let me attempt a VBAC but can't was found to be breech at 38 weeks so that was an elective ceaser. We got a private room the first time because it was all a bit traumatic but shared room second time. Follow up was great, good breastfeeding support and attentiveness and loved that they come visit at home too before handing you over to MCH. Agree that the food is awful though!

onetrick's Photo onetrick 12 Jun 2019

I had planned to go to the angliss but they were full on the day of my induction so I ended up at box hill. I loved how I was treated and will try to have a second there if I'm allowed as its familiar now.
I wasnt a part of the midwife program but all midwives (bar one- and she wasn't awful, just too blunt for my sensitive post natal self!) Were absplutely amazing and went above and beyond. Truly.
They let me call the shots in labour and only made suggestions. Cannot speak highly enough of them!

Claudia Jean's Photo Claudia Jean 12 Jun 2019

I did kym but back in 06/07, i was happy with it at the time