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<M-e-a-g-s>'s Photo <M-e-a-g-s> 09 May 2019

This month will be 12 months since going off the pill however, I have a period every 2 months so technically only 6 cycles. I am getting to the point where I slowly feel like a need to see if I have endometriosis.. for  few reasons not just because I’m not pregnant yet.
Has anyone without health insurance had a laparoscopy done for endometriosis? If so, do you mind me asking the cost?
I just want to see what I’m in for if I need to go down this path

Thanks heaps.

Pal30's Photo Pal30 09 May 2019

Following. Ill let u know in a few weeks as im also going to ask my fs to look into this as well.

Ive heard varying reports of $500 up to $10,000 :/

Bumbleflop's Photo Bumbleflop 10 May 2019

If you go publicly then it should be free? Some people don’t wait very long with the public system and also get very lucky and get great doctors. I joined a FB group for endo sufferers in my city and learnt so much and you also get names of doctors etc that you should avoid/try to get.
If you go privately without health insurance (seems not all doctors will allow this) then it can easily be thousands. Even with insurance it can be thousands, depends on the doctor and anesthetist as to what they charge. For me I only had to pay the hospital excess of $250 but everything else was covered.

I had no idea I had Endo until I had the lap...now 4 months post lap and still no bfp :( was still worth it to get somewhat of an answer as to what the problem is but for us it doesn’t seem to have been a solution.

rosie28's Photo rosie28 10 May 2019

Do you have any PCOS symptoms? The long cycles just made me think of it. I’d be off to see a good fertility specialist so they can investigate all options.

Froyo's Photo Froyo 10 May 2019

I agree with seeing a FS and getting testing done to be sure of the cause.
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#YKG's Photo #YKG 12 May 2019

I had a niggling feeling something wasn’t right with me, my Dr happily referred me to a reproductive endocrinologist, she did a lot of tests for endo & pcos, but did find my blood disorder, she then referred me to a FS who has taken over care. I went public and saw her quite quickly after the referral.

If something doesn’t seem right, get checked, it’s worth it even if just to be told everything is ok.
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Did you have any signs of endo or just not being able to conceive?

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 rosie28, on 10 May 2019 - 01:02 PM, said:

Do you have any PCOS symptoms? The long cycles just made me think of it. I’d be off to see a good fertility specialist so they can investigate all options.

I’ve had all tests done for PCOS just because a family member said to do so and I dont have it
Thanks for the advice!

Bumbleflop's Photo Bumbleflop Yesterday, 07:48 PM

I didn’t have any typical signs such as pain and heavy periods. Mine were quite the opposite, light and short (2-3 days)! Main symptom was infertility but also some slight pain with BD and spotting a week before AF. None of which would make a GP think endo despite me asking and suggesting. Before I went on the pill at 18 my periods were 7-8 days long and very heavy compared to now though so not sure if that was normal for a younger age or if that was my first indicator.
A few years ago I had major lower back pain for about 18 months with no explanation but it was bad enough to keep me awake in tears. I’m now thinking that could have been the endo but GPs just don’t think that way.